In case you've missed it, the Korean movie Parasite took the Oscars by storm. By winning 4 Oscars, Parasite gained huge recognition for being a masterpiece. Both in the arts of photography but also in the art of food. Since Parasite was released the dish Chapaguri (Jjapaguri) has gained some serious attention. And the best part, It's super easy to cook! 

What you'll need


1 pack of Chapaghetti

1 pack of Neoguri Spicy or Mild (depending on taste)


Piece of sirloin (optional)


 How to make it






Boil 1100 ml of water with the vegetable mix of both Chapaghetti and Neoguri

When the water boils, add both noodles

After 4 min 30s, strain the noodles but keep 150ml (20 tbs) of water

Add the whole pack of Chapaghetti soup base, 1/2 of the Neoguri soup base, and seasoning oil of Chapaghetti. Mix and simmer well for 30 secondsRemove from the heat and serve