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Shirataki Noodles


PRODUCT TYPE: Dried Noodles

VENDOR: Risberg

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The perfect noodle for low carb doesn't ex....

Yes it does! Risberg Shiratakin noodles are translucent and thin noodles made from water and flour from the cognac-tuber plant.

Risberg Shiratakin noodles are neutral in taste which makes them great for salad, wok, soup or as an alternative to pasta.

Each serving contains only 3g of carbohydrates and is therefore suitable for those following an LCHF diet, according to the manufacturer. With only 10 kcal per serving, the manufacturer also recommends these noodles for those who practice periodic fasting, so-called 5:2 diet.

Nutrition Facts / Näringsvärde per 100 g
Calories / Energi10kcal/ 42 kJ
Fat / Fett0g
saturated / - varav mättat fett0g
Carbohydrate / Kolhydrater3g
Sugars / - varav sockerarter0g
Fibre / Fibrer0g
Protein / Protein0g
Salt / Salt0g
Ingredients / Ingredienser:

Vatten, konjaksmjöl (utvinns från växten konjakknölkalla, amorphophallus konjac) och surhetsreglerande medel E526.

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Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki Noodles

25.00 kr