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Jin Ramyun Bowl 6-pack (Mild)

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PRODUCT TYPE: Cup ramyun

VENDOR: Ottogi

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6 x 110g
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The popular Jin Ramen - now in a bowl!

Normally we'd recommend the spicy version, but sometimes you want to take it easy and just enjoy the natural taste of Jin Ramen. That's where the Mild comes into the picture. Jin Ramyun Mild Noodles are a sure winner among all the Ramen Noodles. The texture of the noodles are chewy and perfect in combination with the beef bone stock. The mild version lets you enjoy the deep rich taste of Jin without any interfering. 

Nutrition Facts / Näringsvärde per 100 g
Calories / Energi420kcal/ 1756 kJ
Fat / Fett12g
saturated / - varav mättat fett4.6g
Carbohydrate / Kolhydrater66g
Sugars / - varav sockerarter3.1g
Fibre / Fibrer-g
Protein / Protein12g
Salt / Salt4.6g
Origin / Ursprung: South Korea/ Sydkorea
Ingredients / Ingredienser: NUDLAR: VETEmjöl, modifierad stärkelse(potatis,tapioka), palmolja, potatisstärkelse , VETEgluten, salt, jästextrakt, akaliskt medel (kaliumkarbonat: E501, natriumpolyfosfat: E451), riboflavin:E101Pulver soppa: salt,socker, SOJAbönspulver(SOJAbönor, VETE,salt), vitlökspulver, kryddor(chilipeppar,vitlök,lök,gräslök,ingefära,), mononatriumglutamat: E621,glukos,hydrolyserat vegetabiliskt protein (SOJA,VETE,majs), chiliextrakt, jästextrakt, svartpeppar, chilipeppar, kelp-extraktpulver,dinatriuminosinat: E631, dinatriumguanylat: E627, dextrin, äppelsyra:E296Torkad grönsaksmix: kinakål, texturerat vegetabiliskt protein: (SOJA,VETE), morot,grön lök,svamp chilipeppar

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Jin Ramyun Bowl 6-pack (Mild)

Jin Ramyun Bowl 6-pack (Mild)

143.40 kr135.00 kr
6 x 110g