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Ginger Peppermint Bonbons

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Chewy sweet ginger candy with Peppermint! 

Deliciously good and hard to stop chewing! The sweetness along with the fire from ginger makes these candies a sure winner! The refreshing taste of peppermint will not only taste great but work miracles for any throat! 

Nutrition Facts / Näringsvärde per 100 g
Calories / Energi522kcal/ 2193 kJ
Fat / Fett27.8g
saturated / - varav mättat fett10g
Carbohydrate / Kolhydrater66.7g
Sugars / - varav sockerarter44.4g
Fibre / Fibrer0g
Protein / Protein0g
Salt / Salt0.1g
Origin / Ursprung: Indonesia/ Indonesien
Ingredients / Ingredienser:

socker. glukossirap. sockerbelagd mandel. salt, lecitin(e322), smör smak, karamell (e150a)

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Ginger Peppermint Bonbons

Ginger Peppermint Bonbons

19.00 kr